Gigi’s Playhouse

– Simi Valley, CA – 

3sixty Architecture + Design is championing a transformative endeavor: Gigi’s Playhouse of Simi Valley. This ambitious project entails the conversion of an old retail space into a sanctuary dedicated to children with Down Syndrome.

The envisioned playhouse encompasses various specialized areas, including a learning kitchen, a gym, and multiple gathering rooms for diverse activities.  Each section is meticulously planned to cater to the specific needs and developmental aspects of children with Down Syndrome. 

Rooted in the heart of the “Gigi’s” concept, vibrant colors are strategically employed throughout the space. Beyond aesthetics, these colors serve as a vital component in creating a stimulating and uplifting environment, fostering a sense of joy, engagement, and comfort for the children.

Gigi’s Playhouse of Simi Valley is poised to stand as a testament to 3sixty Architecture + Design’s dedication to meaningful design. The project goes beyond the physical transformation of a space; it embodies a vision of inclusivity, support, and empowerment for children with Down Syndrome, providing a welcoming space for them to learn, play, and thrive.