– Westlake Village, CA – 

The serene shores of Westlake Lake are witnessing a remarkable transformation as 3sixty Architecture + Design orchestrates the renovation of a private residence, currently under construction. This ambitious project is centered on maximizing the breathtaking views of the lake, promising to completely redefine the living experience for the fortunate occupants. 

A standout feature of this renovation is the addition of a second-floor deck, strategically designed to take full advantage of the gorgeous vistas surrounding the residence. This elevated outdoor space will become a haven for the residents, offering a panoramic viewpoint that captures the tranquil beauty of Westlake Lake. 

This client-centric focus ensures that the renovation aligns perfectly with the homeowner’s vision, creating a space that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.  As the construction progresses, anticipation grows for the unveiling of this wonderfully renovated lakeside residence. 

3sixty Architecture + Design is committed to delivering a seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and  functional design ensures that the final result will be a testament to the beauty of lakeside living in Westlake.